To apply to attend MECC, you must 完整的 the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) online application. After completing and 提交ting your application, you are officially admitted to MECC and will receive a student ID number, 用户名, and temporary password on your confirmation page. You will see the following screen when you 完整的 the online application. Please make note of this information and use it to log into MyMECC .

(注意: The temporary password is good for 30 days. Please change your temporary password when you first log into MyMECC . See FAQs below for instructions on how to fill out the online application.



After 提交ting your application, go to 步骤2 if you plan to 完整的 a degree or certificate; otherwise, go to 步骤4 if you will be taking credit classes without pursuing a program of study.

应用ing/Registering for Non-Credit Courses

如需协助注册非学分课程,请联系MECC的劳动力解决方案 276-523-9113 or 276-523-9114.


高中生 老年人
退伍军人,现役军人, & 家属 寄养青少年
国际学生 家庭学校学生


个人有资格进入社区学院,如果他们是高中毕业生或同等学历, 或者他们年满18岁,能够从社区大学的学习中受益, as demonstrated by assessment in reading, 写作, 和数学. Minimum scores are noted in the chart below:

  VPT 指南针 资产
阅读 ENF 1 62 35
写作 ENF 1 32 35
数学 MTE 1 25 33

只有在有文件证明的情况下,大学校长才可以对这一政策做出例外规定. 没有达到最低分数要求的学生将被转到澳门威尼斯人app网站主任处.

MECC保留评估和记录特殊情况的权利,并在学院确定申请人或学生构成威胁时拒绝或撤销录取, 是潜在的危险, is significantly disruptive to the college community, 或者这样的拒绝或撤销被认为是在大学的最佳利益. 对于被开除或停学的学生,学院保留拒绝录取的权利, 或者决心成为威胁, potential danger or significantly disruptive by, 另一个大学. 在入学后被撤销录取的学生必须经过适当的程序.

VCCS和MECC的政策是维持和促进不分种族的平等就业和教育机会, color, 性别或年龄(除非性别或年龄是真正的职业资格), 宗教, 障碍, 国家的起源, 或者其他非功绩因素. 有关平权政策的咨询应向学院的平权政策官员提出, whose office is located in Holton Hall and who can be reached at 276.523.7478.


For all curricular students, the following items are required:

  • 填写完整的正式入学申请表,并附上社会安全号码.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the college, official transcripts from all high schools, 大学, 大学都参加了. 在家庭学校完成中学学业的毕业生必须提供毕业日期,并可能被要求提供课程作业文件. VCCS学生信息系统的学术记录将足以在弗吉尼亚社区学院系统内的大学.
  • 学院为特定项目或课程录取所提供的附加信息.

所有非课程学生, 填写完整的正式入学申请,并要求社会安全号码.

  • VCCS Online Application for Admission.
  • 点击 新用户, 完整的 the information requested and click 提交.
  • 如果你在保存了入学申请表(但没有向学院提交最后的申请)后返回到入学申请表-点击 返回用户 and enter your temporary login ID and password. 点击 审查 to return to your application in progress.
  • Once you have 提交ted your final application for admission, you will not be able to make any changes. 如需更正所提供的资料,请联络 招生服务处 at 276.523.2400.

注意: If you receive an error using the online application, please update your browser or use Internet Explorer.

  1. 收集所有适用文件, 包括社保卡, 军事论文, 开始前请出示驾照.
  2. Providing your social security number is highly recommended. 如果不这样做,获得许多大学服务的机会,包括财政援助,将会受到限制. The social security number is required when applying for financial aid.
  3. 仔细阅读每个问题. 点击“?” for the directions for filling in text boxes.
  4. 完成每个部分.
  5. Use the left side-bar menu to view the status of each step. A green highlighted number indicates you 完整的d that section.
  6. 单击 保存 & 继续 button will save the information in the section.
  7. You will not be able to save a section that contains errors. Correct all errors before attempting to move to a new section.


a. 的名字
输入电流, 完整的 法律名称. Use the same format for your name when applying to multiple 大学.

b. 前的名字

c. 职业生涯
选择 信贷 当你计划参加可以获得大学学分的课程时. 选择 cn 当你计划参加非学分或继续教育/劳动力发展课程时,你将获得继续教育单元或没有大学学分.

d. 术语
选择 term that you would like to enroll in classes.


a. 邮寄地址

Enter the street number and name on the first line. Enter an apartment number on the second line. 不要同时加上街道地址和P.O. 箱子的信息.

Step 3: Additional Personal 信息

a. 种族:
Select an ethnic group from the drop down.

b. 性别

c. 公民身份
选择U.S. 国籍.



  1. 点击 编辑高中.
  2. 选择 appropriate high school level. If you attended or are attending a high school in the U.S. ——点击 Select to enter school name or search for your high school by name or state. 如果你的高中不在名单上, 选中“我的高中没有出现在上面的列表中”的复选框.”
  3. 即使你的高中没有出现在列表中,也要输入你的毕业日期或预计毕业日期(MM/YYYY). If you do not know the diploma type you earned, select 标准.
  4. 如果你是在家上学的学生-你将选择弗吉尼亚州或外州,并输入你的毕业日期或预计毕业日期.
  5. 如果您获得了格 -您将选择弗吉尼亚州或外州,并输入您获得格的日期-授予日期和月份和年份.
  6. If you attended a high school outside of the U.S. ——选择 外国高中 and enter your graduation date or anticipated graduation date.

注意: Department of Defense 家属 Schools (DoDDS) outside the U.S. are considered foreign high schools for purposes of this application.


如果你上过大学-点击 增加一所学院 输入大学数据. A search box will be provided for you to find your college by state and name. 点击 增加一所学院 回顾一下信息. 您可以编辑或删除您的条目. You may add up to 5 大学 attended by clicking 增加一所学院.

If you attended a college in a foreign country. 点击搜索框,选中“我在美国以外的地方上过大学”.S.” Enter your attendance dates and degrees earned.

If you did not attend any college – Skip to 家庭教育背景.


You must select an option from the drop down box. 此信息仅用于统计目的,与您的录取过程无关.


a. 你现在的目标是什么?

如果你想攻读学位,证书或文凭-从下拉框中选择一个计划. If you are currently in high school or home school, you may not select a plan to pursue a degree at this time. 选择 option “I do not plan to pursue a degree at this time”.

如果你不打算追求学位,证书或文凭-选择一个上课的原因. If you are currently in high school or home school, you must select one of these options for dual enrollment: 041, 042, 043或04A.

b. 学位和证书的类型
See the 大学目录 or contact a Counselor for details.

AA = Associate in 艺术 Degree; AAA = Associate in Applied 艺术 Degree; AAS = Associate in Applied Science Degree; AS = Associate in Science Degree; CERT = Certificate; CSC = 职业生涯 Studies Certificate



这将带你到住所问卷,这将决定你是否有资格获得州内或州外的学费. 所有弗吉尼亚州居民和非居民都必须完成州内学费问卷.

  1. 州内学费问卷(样本)-回答所有提出的问题.

b. 当你完成问卷的时候, you will receive a summary of the questions and the answers you provided.

c. 确认您的答案,然后选择以下选项之一:继续申请, restart the questionnaire or discard your       questionnaire.

d. Select 继续申请 to proceed to the final submission process.

e. Select 提交的应用程序 – This submission process will take a few minutes. Do not click 提交的应用程序 more than once. 当过程完成时, 您将收到申请成功提交的确认,并附上学院和学期信息. 点击 继续 on each page for the following information:

  • Your Official Student 信息 SIS ID
  • 用户名及密码
  • Your Tuition 信息 – In-State or Out-of-State Classification
  • 特别通知-完成入学过程可能需要的额外文件或信息.
  • Academic 信息 – Your assigned plan of study.
  • 申请摘要——打印申请摘要页,这样你就有了与申请过程相关的所有信息的记录.

如果您收到错误消息, it is likely you have previously applied at MECC or another VCCS college. 请与 MECC招生办公室 at 276.523.2400获取更多信息.